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Angelika Teichert Aloe Vera Super-Gelee - 50 ml

Super Sensitive Jelly-Care for the Face. 95 % purest aloe vera gel made from fillet, cold extracted. A high active daily moistuirizing foundation and for many little aches (sunburn, little wounds e. g. from...» more info

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Product No: AT-2303 | 17,31 EUR 34,62 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Caress NANOSTRUCTURE - 50 ml

The caress. Caress Nanostructure contains a large quantity of high-quality nanoparts (little particles filled with macadamia-nut oil and the essential vitamins E and A). In this way the precious active...» more info

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Product No: AT-2383 | 31,51 EUR 63,03 EUR/100 ml
Biodroga Oxygen Formula - 24h care - sallow, dry skin 50 ml - Gift Set

The set consists of: 1 x Oxygen Formula 24h Care for oxygen-depleted, dry skin 50 ml. 1 x Oxygen Formula Eye Care for Oxygen sallow Skin 15 ml for free. Oxygen Formula 24h Care for oxygen-depleted, dry skin: ...» more info

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Product No: BIO-45670 | 32,77 EUR 50,42 EUR/100 ml
Gertraud Gruber Hydro³ Hyaluron Serum 30 ml

Full power moisturizer for a fresh look. High and low molecular hyaluronic acid optimally hydrates the skin. A special aqua complex regulates the water content of the skin and helps the skin maintain its...» more info

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Product No: GRU-103100 | 30,00 EUR 100,00 EUR/100 ml
Gertraud Gruber EXQUISIT - Skin-Oil sensitive 20 ml

For sensitive, dry and mature skin. Pure beauty source. Valuable extracts of almond, evening primrose and macadamia nut oil provide a skin smoothing effect. Stimulates cell renewal. Has a moisture...» more info

Available. 11 item(s) in stock.
Product No: GRU-105150 | 22,27 EUR 111,34 EUR/100 ml
Gertraud Gruber menXO - Feuchtigkeits Fluid 50ml

Energy start to the day. With natural formula. For a daily new radiant male skin full of freshness, resilience and healthy vitality. The light cream-gel texture intensively moisturizes stressed skin. Reduces...» more info

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Product No: GRU-150200 | 23,53 EUR 47,06 EUR/100 ml
Gertraud Gruber menXO - Cell Active Cream 50ml

Strong and Active Anti-Ageing. Cell active cream is an innovative, high-quality anti-ageing product with optimum properties due to tis skin-like-lipid structure and active DNA cell protection...» more info

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Product No: GRU-150300 | 29,83 EUR 59,66 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Regenerierende Belebungsmaske (regenerating mask) - 50 ml

'A must have' if you feel particularly weary and stressed. Smoothes, regenerates and provides for a wonderful feeling of freshness. Also suited for sensitive skin. For extremely sensitive skin mix with...» more info

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Product No: AT-2322 | 22,56 EUR 45,13 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Angels Garden - Smooth Cream Gel - 50 ml

Angel's Garden Smooth Cream Gel should always be applied as foundation. Only small quantities are needed - nevertheless it is highly effective. Wrinkles are visibly smoothed within one hour after application...» more info

Available. 12 item(s) in stock.
Product No: AT-2217 | 41,97 EUR 83,95 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Blütenwachs Augen- und Gesichtsmaske (eye and face mask) - 50 ml

Our S. O. S Mask! Perfectly suited for quick soothing of nervous skin. With intensive skin-smoothing effects. It's so soft, that it can be applied up to the edges of the eyelids. Application: After...» more info

Available. 9 item(s) in stock.
Product No: AT-2009 | 29,79 EUR 59,58 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Aloe Vera 2-Phase-Ampoule - 15 ml

An energy depot consisting of a combination of precious plant oils with aloe vera, a mineral-containing, anti-inflammatory algae extract, medicinal plant extracts, a skin-protecting vitamin combination and...» more info

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Product No: AT-2318 | 22,52 EUR 150,14 EUR/100 ml
Guinot Gommage Biologique 50 ml

Natural peeling with gentle fruit acids. Peeling is an extremely important gesture of beauty. It enables the skin to be freed of horny cells that accumulate on the surface and prevent them from breathing. The...» more info

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Product No: G-503622 | 35,21 EUR 70,42 EUR/100 ml
Biodroga Vitamin Honey Mask - 50 ml

Does your skin feel dry and fatigued? Then it's time to activate its metabolic process and condition the skin with the Vitamin Honey Mask. This rich cream improves the oxygen exchange of skin cells and visibly...» more info

Available. 6 item(s) in stock.
Product No: BIO-45303 | 25,63 EUR 51,26 EUR/100 ml
Guinot Crème Beauté Neuve 50 ml

Cell renewing care cream for a radiantly beautiful complexion. New formula with Vitamin C. Contains gentle fruit acids, that renew the skin because of their peeling-effect. Gives the complexion a new...» more info

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Product No: G-527665 | 69,00 EUR 138,00 EUR/100 ml
Gertraud Gruber Enzym Peeling powder 40g

Mild enzyme peel. Improves the skin without the use of harsh ingredients. Expression of pure beauty. The Cream foam gently cleanses the skin and removes dead skin cells, making the skin particularly receptive...» more info

Available. 11 item(s) in stock.
Product No: GRU-101600 | 17,65 EUR 44,12 EUR/100 g
Angelika Teichert Beauty Star - Grace-Mask - 50 ml

Pampers your skin with an intensive moisture boost. Important, supportive vitamins, natural exclusive silk proteins, precious plant extracts and high-quality revitalin complexes give your skin everything it...» more info

Product will be available again: 10/25/2019
Product No: AT-2346 | 22,27 EUR 44,54 EUR/100 ml
Buy 1 'Beauty Star - Grace-Mask - 50 ml' now
Valmont Prime Renewing Pack 50 ml

Valmonts miracle product! The results after a few minutes resemble those of a long night's restful sleep. How it works: It has an anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing effect. Refreshes the complexion. Balances the...» more info

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Product No: VA-705829 | 166,39 EUR 332,77 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Diamonds 30 ml

Moisture paired with elegance and ancient healing knowledge. With real diamond dust - in the new action size as additional care for the skin from 35 and stressed skin. Application: Diamonds can be used morning...» more info

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Product No: AT-2327A | 17,23 EUR 86,13 EUR/100 ml
Biodroga MD Moisture - Perfect Hydration 24-h Care 50 ml

24h Care with hyaluronic acid supplies skin with lavish moisture. Pomegranate extract and vitamin E acetate have an anti-oxidative effect and, together with an UVA/UVB protective complex, protect against...» more info

Available. 2 item(s) in stock.
Product No: BIO-44184 | 47,06 EUR 94,12 EUR/L
La mer Flexible Cleansing - Enzyme Peeling 12 g

The special enzyme peeling cleanses the skin gently and deep into the pores. Dead skin flakes and cornifications are removed without rubbing. Also suitable for problem skin. This product contains no...» more info

Available. 5 item(s) in stock.
Product No: LM-70215 | 21,85 EUR 182,07 EUR/100 g
La mer Flexible Specials - Coral Cream Mask - 50 ml

Refreshing mask with sea silt extract and active ingredients of coral algae. This product contains no perfume. Active ingredients: Sea Silt Extract, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coral Algae, Refreshing Factor, Shea...» more info

Available. 6 item(s) in stock.
Product No: LM-70201 | 24,79 EUR 49,58 EUR/100 ml
Guinot Anti-Wrinkle Rich Cream 50 ml

Rich Anti-Ageing Cream. With age or fatique, wrinkles and signs of ageing appear. Creme Vital Antirides makes the skin appear more youthfull thanks to us its double rejuvenating effect. It smoothes surface...» more info

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Product No: G-504600 | 47,40 EUR 94,79 EUR/100 ml
CareMed Regenerierende Fusscreme - Granatapfel 50 ml

Die regenerierende Fußcreme von CareMed mit wertvollen Inhaltsstoffen wie Granatapfelsamen-Extrakt, Arganöl, Sheabutter, Grüner Tee, Panthenol, Vitamin B3 und Vitamin E, pflegt und schützt Ihre Füße vor...» more info

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Product No: CM-03020 | 3,28 EUR 6,55 EUR/100 ml
Gertraud Gruber Vitamin Kräuter Ampulle - 3x4 ml

Vitamin cocktail for the skin. The intensively caring and regenerating ampoules contain skin-specific active ingredients in concentrated form. They can be combined with their daily care. Concentrated power for...» more info

Available. 10 item(s) in stock.
Product No: GRU-000240 | 23,53 EUR 196,08 EUR/100 ml
La mer Advanced Skin Refining - Beauty Cream Day 50 ml

Vitalizing Day Cream with "New Skin Effect" against tired and pale skin. Your active ingredient complex Quadromar invigorates the metabolism, protects the skin cells, strengthens their elasticity, combats...» more info

Available. 15 item(s) in stock.
Product No: LM-70256 | 28,99 EUR 57,98 EUR/100 ml
CareMed Lurosan Protect 200 ml

Lurosan protect, the basic body lotion from CareMed, is a fast-absorbing and non-greasy combination for daily body care that protects against moisture loss and superficial cracks. Effect: Finer skin...» more info

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Product No: CM-04823 | 6,68 EUR 3,34 EUR/100 ml
Biodroga Repair + Cell Protection - Eye Care - 15 ml

Repair-Booster with anti-wrinkle effect.  Anti-Ageing for every skintype. The innovative ingredient alp rose stem cell extract provides for a visible anti-aging effect. It protects skin stem cells against UV...» more info

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Product No: BIO-44058 | 28,99 EUR 193,28 EUR/100 ml
La mer Men Marine Care Stimulatin 24h Cream 50 ml

Light fluid with Sea Silt extract for sensitive skin. Absorbs quickly, moisturises, strengthens the skin's protective barrier and reduces the appearance of lines. Ideal as a soothing post-shave booster in...» more info

Available. 8 item(s) in stock.
Product No: LM-70262 | 24,79 EUR 49,58 EUR/100 ml
Guinot Pleine Vie - 50 ml

Youth Replenishing Cream Slows down the aging process by compensating for the deficits of mature skin. Revives cell activity and vital skin functions through an enhanced effect against free radicals. Gives...» more info

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Product No: G-502933 | 80,17 EUR 160,34 EUR/100 ml
Angelika Teichert Vicare Face-Fluid - 50 ml

Suitable for every skin type for daily facial care. Light fluid with all pleasant, regenerating, protective, restorative ingredients such as Vicare Face. Visibly eliminates wrinkles. Very high-quality care...» more info

Available. 6 item(s) in stock.
Product No: AT-2384 | 41,39 EUR 82,77 EUR/100 ml
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