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Re-action PH 30 ml

AHA mandelic & succinic acid

Item No: BR-114210 | bdr - beauty defect repair
Contents: 30 ml
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15% mandelic acid combined with 5% succinic acid make the AHA fruit acid peeling Re-action PH a must-have for very impure, oily skin.

The natural antibiotic effect of mandelic acid effectively fights skin impurities and dissolves sebaceous deposits.

The anti-inflammatory effect of succinic acid supports the skin renewal process.

The benefits of regular use are:

  • Pore-deep, intensive skin cleansing.
  • Clarification of the skin texture even with extremely impure skin.
  • Reduction of inflammations.
  • Reduces the pressure of tension in the case of underlays and inflammatory pustules.

Active ingredients:

15% Mandelic Acid:

  • Mandelic acid is a chemical exfoliant and, like all fruit acids, removes buildup.
  • This non-irritating AHA increases cell turnover, fights acne and revives the skin.
  • Although mandelic acid has a relatively large molecular weight, it penetrates deep into the skin over the application time, cleansing pores deeply and thus dissolving comedones.
  • With its natural antibiotic effect and your ability to dissolve fat, it is the ideal active ingredient for inflammatory, blemished, seborrheic skin.

5% Succinic Acid:

  • Succinic acid is a brand new ingredient to know about.
  • Don't let the term "acid" confuse you, it is not an exfoliating acid!
  • Succinic acid has several benefits, including very powerful abilities to fight acne without causing irritation.
  • It is antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing, making it extremely effective in fighting blemishes.
  • Succinic acid provides antioxidant protection, moisturizes and is even said to have an analgesic effect.


  • For severely blemished skin or acute acne, use the product every 2-3 days as part of a treatment regimen for 5-6 weeks.
  • After that, maintain the result by applying the product 1-2 times a week.
  • The application time is usually 10-15 minutes.
  • When the skin gets used to the treatment and the product is well tolerated, the exposure time can be increased up to 25 minutes.
  • In this case, we recommend reactivating the product after about 10 minutes by massaging it in again with slightly moistened hands.
  • Important: after application, ensure adequate sun protection, we recommend bdr Re-flect.

Propylenglycol, Mandelic Acid, Succinic Acid, Aqua, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Hydroxide, Ethylhexylglycerin.