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Facial toner - Why do I need a tonic?

Tap water contains calcium. The calcium in the water remains as a thin film on our skin. A tonic removes calcium residues, neutralises the skin's pH value and moisturises the skin. This makes the skin more absorbent. Subsequent care products like serums, day or night care and also masks are better absorbed and can have a deeper effect on the lower layers of the skin.

If you use a lot of make-up, you may have noticed yourself in the evening that some dirt still gets on the pad when you clean it with Tonic. For the removal of the last dirt and make-up, the post-cleansing is very important.

Another plus: The subsequent care can be applied more easily to the moisturized skin and considerably less product is needed. Your favourite cream pot or precious serum lasts much longer.

Gesichtstonic Flasche mit Wattepad und erfrischenden Wasserspritzern

Which tonic is right for me?

Impure, oily and combination skin:  Use products that have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. Facial toners with witch hazel or special enzymes are ideal.

Dry, impure skin:  A very special skin type! Facial toners without alcohol are a must here. Suitable are antibacterial tonics without alcohol and soothing tonics, or special tonics with microsilver.

Dry, dehydrated skin:  Give your dry skin something to drink. Calcium residues in tap water will also dry out the skin. A suitable moisturising facial toner removes all residues and provides the skin with additional moisture.

Normal skin:  Wonderful! To keep it that way, the tonic should not have a high alcohol content, but rather be moisturizing in order to maintain this skin condition and not dry it out.

Effect at a glance:

- pore-deep after-cleaning
- removes calcium residues
- removes last make-up residues
- has a smoothing effect
- has a pore refining effect
- has an antibacterial effect
- has an anti-inflammatory effect
- moisturizes the skin

zwei Bilder, Hände werden mit Wasser begossen, Frau reinigt mit Wattepad das Gesicht

How do I apply the tonic?

There are two possibilities:

1. with the cotton pad: Simply moisten a cotton pad with Tonic to cleanse the face, neck and décolleté. This is particularly useful in the case of blemished skin for hygiene reasons or in the evening to remove even the last residues of make-up.

2. With your hands: Apply some tonic to the palm of your hand and then pat in gently with both hands on the face. This stimulates the blood circulation and tired skin becomes awake. A clear plus in the morning. Don't forget your neck and décolleté. Positive side effect - you save cotton wool pads!


Facial toner - more than just water

In addition to this essential main component, the cosmetic waters also have many important and caring secondary ingredients. If a tonic is for removeing the superfluous oil and for a disinfectant effect, the tonic contains between 20 and 50 percent of the monohydric alcohols ethanol or isopropanol. Isopropanol has a degreasing and disinfecting effect and is therefore used for acne treatments and greasy "problem skin".

Alum, zinc stearate, hamamelis extracts or organic acids such as lactic or citric acid remove dead skin particles and contract the pores. This makes the skin more resistant to harmful environmental influences.

The addition of menthol and camphor provides a refreshing effect and improved blood circulation to the capillary vessels.

Anti-inflammatory components like bisabolol, extracts of chamomile or lime blossom extract have a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. Microsilver prevents infections of smaller wounds that can occur with impurities. The formation of new spots is prevented.

Polyvalent alcohols such as glycerol and sorbitol have a hygroscopic effect, i.e. they bind water. The skin is moisturized, the epidermal layers are smoothed.

Each facial toner contains not only valuable ingredients, but also a high level of know-how, research and cosmetic knowledge.

You will find an overview under the heading Tonic.