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Multi Slim 125 ml

Slimming body cream

Item No: MC-949970 | Mary Cohr
Contents: 125 ml
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Phyto-diet complex

Fat burning effect

Cellulysium from red algae: Helps to reduce adipocyte volume by restoring the balance between lipogenesis and lipolysis. It captures molecules involved in the lipid storage process (limits lipogenesis and lipogenesis, activates lipolysis and inhibits adipocyte proliferation and fat storage.


Extract of African mahogany bark - Helps tighten and improve cutaneous elasticity to soften and smooth orange peel skin with dents by stimulating the synthesis of collagen XVIII. Collagen XVIII is a natural envelope that surrounds each adipocyte and acts as a true "Achitect" of the skin.

Anti water retention:

  • Wild Ginger Extract - Helps to reshape the figure and improve the appearance and comfort of the legs by improving circulation, promoting fluid drainage and reducing excess fat. Roll-on applicator with 5 rolling balls.
  • The effect is emphasized by the applicator with 5 roll-on balls, which allows a gentle and long-lasting massage of the problem areas.
  • In combination with the Phyto-Slimming Complex, this massage stimulates the flow of fluids and promotes the natural lymphatic drainage process for a sculpted figure and slimmer contours.

Proven effectiveness:

  • The skin is firmer: there is an average increase in skin firmness of 39.4% (group of 10 people, 2 applications per day.)
  • The skin is smoother: 36% (group of 10 people, 2 applications per day.) An average decrease in skin roughness is observed.
  • An improvement in blood circulation is observed and therefore a significant reduction in cellulite.
  • Proper use of the applicator: Set to ON and press the tube to dispense the required amount of cream.
  • Then set to OFF to use the massage head with circular upward movements until the cream penetrates the skin completely.
  • Finally, massage with your hands until the cream is completely absorbed.
  • Apply the cream to the problem areas in the morning and evening.

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