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MD - Skin Booster - Niacinamide 10 % Serum - 30 ml

Item No: BIO-45872 | Biodroga
Contents: 30 ml
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What makes the multifunctional active ingredient niacinamide so special?

Vitamin B3 is a water-soluble vitamin. It plays an essential role for our body and is involved in all vital metabolic processes.

It stimulates the formation of keratin and ceramides - fats that protect the skin from drying out and prevent foreign substances from penetrating.

Since niacinamide easily penetrates the skin, it is an extremely effective active ingredient. Of importance to the skin is the role that niacinamide plays as a precursor to the coenzymes NADH and NADPH.

These coenzymes stimulate cell metabolism and are thus involved in a multitude of biochemical processes that control skin functions.

Among them are such important tasks as DNA repair, antioxidant protection and cell renewal.

  • Niacinamide 10% Serum The all-rounder for every skin!
  • Niacinamide 10% Serum can be used on almost any skin type.
  • Even younger skin benefits from the comprehensive product performance of the serum.

Effect of Niacinamide:

  • Regulates excess sebum.
  • Reduces dark circles.
  • Reduces large pores.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Fights impurities.

What Does the Power Vitamin Do? B3 Vitamin:


  • Niacinamide refines pores and skin texture.
  • Supports an even complexion.


  • Promotes normalization of sebum production.
  • Anti-aging:
  • Reduces wrinkles and dark circles.


  • Improves the skin's ability to retain moisture.
  • Reduces moisture loss.


  • Vitamin supports the formation of lipids and ceramides, thereby strengthening the skin's protective barrier.
  • Has an antioxidant effect and protects against free radicals.
  • Prevents premature aging of the skin.
  • Compatibility:
  • Niacinamide is extremely compatible and well suited for all skin types.

Recommendation for use:

  • As a spa treatment or permanently - the serum is suitable for any type of application and can be integrated into any beauty routine.
  • The product can even be applied to the eye area and reduces dark circles and small wrinkles.