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Detox 3 phases - Box II - Removal of acids

Basiczym 90 Capsules, PH-Basica Mask 15 ml, Lift Triple Action 24 H Cream 50 ml

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Detox 3 phases - Box II - Removal of acids

Binella - Detox 3 phases - Box II - Removal of acids

3-phase - 3 boxes. How Detox is sustainably successful.

Launch into a new sense of well-being full of energy! Your biorhythm already sends the signals: Now is the perfect time to gently but effectively

  • 1. To detoxify.
  • 2. to deacidify.
  • 3. to build up strong cell functions.

Really sustainable. Binella has developed the 3-phase detox for this purpose: Three boxes, each combining the three most effective products that liberate, invigorate and strengthen your organism. Effective holistic anti-aging from the ground up and therefore uniquely useful!

Box II - Removal of Acids.

Swollen eyelids, dark circles around the eyes, impurities or a pale, unrealistic complexion - external signs that the body has accumulated acids. Balance your acid-base balance, neutralize toxic degradation products from wrong nutrition, relieve your tissue of toxins (e. g. alcohol, nicotine). All three products work synergistically to counteract acidification in a holistic way.


1 x ultraMeso - Lift Triple Action 24 H Cream 50 ml.
1 x Cell IQ - pH Basica Mask 15 ml.
1 x Pro Youth - Basiczym 90 capsules.

ultraMeso - Lift Triple Action 24 H Cream 50 ml.

This innovative anti-wrinkle care with the medically-cosmetological LIFT TRIPLE ACTION formula and highly concentrated silk gives the skin exactly what it needs for lasting wrinkle smoothing.

Triple effect:

  • High supply of the skin with Moisture.
  • Maximum moisture distribution in all skin layers.
  • Optimal restructuring of the collagen network.

The task of ultraMeso® LIFT TRIPLE ACTION CREAM is to preserve the outstanding results of the ultraMeso® anti-wrinkle system in the long term.

This is only possible if the skin is supplied with highly concentrated moisture on a daily basis, the transepidermal water loss is stopped and tissue formation is guaranteed.

Cell IQ - pH Basica Mask 15 ml.

Skin care mask for deacidification of the skin.

The Cell IQ H2O Basica Mask has been specially developed for the pH regulation of the acidified connective tissue of the skin. The active principle is based on a simulation of the body's own bicarbonate buffer system, which controls the pH regulation of the blood.

The mask "draws" the acid out of the tissue, the skin is supplied with blood and becomes as soft as butter.

This alkaline acid-balance mask is suitable for all tired, exhausted skin. The "protective acid mantle" is temporarily buffered by the alkaline ingredients and stimulates natural skin greasing.

  • Excess acids are neutralized and removed.
  • The blood and lymph circulation is increased and thus the oxygen uptake in the cells is improved.
  • The acid-base balance of the tissue is restored.
  • The tissue is relieved and the skin looks fresher and more relaxed.

The basic active ingredient base consists of bicarbonate, sodium salt of lactic acid and the vitamins B3, B5, B7, nicotinic acid dilates the blood vessels and facilitates the removal of waste products.

Also suitable for the treatment of acne and rosacea and skin rebuilding measures.

Application: Apply the Cell IQ H2O Basica Mask to cleansed skin and leave on for 30 minutes. Remove with moist compresses. If necessary, apply the usual care cream afterwards. To exhaust the regeneration potential in the skin overnight, ideally in the evening.

Pro Youth - Basiczym 90 capsules.

Especially for people whose body is acidified to increase the alkaline range.

  • With a mixture of minerals that are often poorly represented in acidic environments.
  • The organic super-food = hydrilla, the strongest source of caicium in nature and the richest vegetable source for many trace elements and amino acids.
  • The enzyme mixture improves the absorption of minerals, herbs and hydrillas.
  • The marshmallow root and a papaya leaf extract alleviate the general malaise.

Application: To preserve 1 or 2 capsules with plenty of water before sleeping. For a therapeutic effect take 1 capsule in the morning, 1 capsule in the afternoon and 2 capsules before sleeping. Always take the capsules 1 hour before or 2 hours after meals.

Made in USA: Produced exclusiv for Binella AG Switzerland CH-6000 Lucerne - D-46286 Dorsten



INCI: Kaliumbicarbonat, AlgaeCal, pflanzliche Cellulose, Amylase Mischung, Protease Mischung, Natriumbicarbonat, Cellulase Mischung, Papayablatt, Echte Eibisch-Wurzel, Magnesiumcitrat, Lipase Mischung, Pectinase.

Frei von Gelatine, künstlichen Farb-, Aroma- oder Konservierungsstoffen, Stärke, Weizen, Gluten, Milch, Hefe, Mais, Laktose, Zucker, Soja und Salz.


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