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Detox Aktiv Pflaster 6 Stück

Detox Foot Set

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Detox Aktiv Pflaster 6 Stück

Binella - Detox Aktiv Pflaster 6 Stück

Detox Active Plaster.

Gentle detoxification overnight.
The 100% natural plaster - the ingredients are bamboo extract, wood vinegar, tourmaline and Japanese mistletoe - binds waste products and toxins as well as heavy metals in order to gently remove them during the resting phase of the night.

  • Relieves pain.
  • Purified.
  • Detoxifies.
  • Removes insect toxins and heavy metals.

Detoxification via the sole of the foot is particularly effective because it contains the foot reflex points of all internal organs, which are simultaneously relieved and strengthened. Therefore, it is recommended to stick a different region of the sole of the foot (middle of the sole, heel and ball of foot including toe area) every night.

  • Bamboo extract: a remedy that is indispensable in Japanese medicine books. Bamboo extract has a dehydrating and at the same time mineralizing effect. It activates the meridians of the heart, lungs and stomach.
  • Wood vinegar: also absorbs toxins through the skin. It is known for its purifying and sterilizing properties. It also has a calming effect and relieves joint and muscle pain.
  • Tourmaline: a mineral that stimulates the reflex zones of the sole of the foot and removes toxins from the body. The "magnetic" activity of tourmaline is comparable to the effect of a foot reflex zone massage. At the same time Tourmaline reduces pain.
  • Japanese mistletoe: has a diuretic effect, promotes blood circulation, stimulates the metabolism and thus accelerates the removal of waste products. It also strengthens the immune system and has an anti-inflammatory effect.


  • Take the Detox Active pillow out of its protective cover.
  • Remove most of the fixing plaster and stick the Detox Active pillow with the golden side down onto the middle of the plaster.   
  • Now place the plaster together with the Detox Active cushion in the middle of the sole of your foot and stick the protruding sides of the plaster firmly in place. To do this, also remove the small part of the fixing plaster.  
  • The next morning, remove the plaster, dispose of it and thoroughly clean the feet.

Duration of use: An intensive detoxification treatment of the body takes place over a period of 30 nights. Afterwards the detoxification should be carried out now and then for a few days.

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