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Cell IQ - H2O Basica Mask 50 ml

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Cell IQ - H2O Basica Mask 50 ml

Binella - Cell IQ - H2O Basica Mask 50 ml

Mask treatment for the de-acidification of the skin.

The Cell IQ H2O Basica Mask is specifically designed for the pH-regulation of acidified connective tissue of the skin. The operating principle is based on simulating the body's own bicarbonate buffer system that controls the pH-regulation of the blood.

The mask "draws" the acid almost from the tissue, the skin is supplied with blood and becomes beautifully soft.

This basic acid base balance mask is suitable for any tired skin. The "acid mantle" is temporarily buffered by the basic ingredients and the natural lipid content of the skin is stimulated.

  • Excess acids are neutralized and removed.
  • The blood and lymph circulation is increased, thus improving the oxygen uptake in the cells.
  • The acid-base balance of the tissue is restored.
  • The tissue is relieved and the skin looks fresh and rested again.

The pH value of the mask is 7.5. The active ingredient basis consists of bicarbonate, sodium salt of lactic acid, and vitamins B3, B5, B7. Nicotinic acid helps widen the vessels and facilitates the removal of toxins.

Also suitable for the treatment of acne and rosacea and skin regeneration.

Application: Apply the Cell IQ H2O Basica Mask to cleansed skin and leave for 30 minutes. Remove with moist compresses. After that the the usual skin care can be applied. To take advantage of the potential for regeneration of the skin during the night ideally apply in the evening.