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La Mer

... more than 25 years of dedication to high quality skin care.

In the beginning there was the sea...

The wild, unfettered power of the ocean engendered a vision of harnessing the good of the sea to benefit humanity.

Absorbed by the idea of studying these therapeutic ingredients and enabling people to benefit from their healing properties, the founder of LA MER, Paul Gojny, developed a patented method of extracting the essence of sea silt in his research laboratory in Cuxhaven. This unique extract contains all the natural active ingredients of sea silt in a concentrated form.

La Mer skin care products

LA MER skin care products with patented Sea Silt Extract - contain a high proportion of minerals and trace elements which provide deep nourishment and help the skin retain moisture. Consistent care with LA MER skin care products will give you a fresh, healthy and radiant complexion. The LA MER range of skin care products gives you effective, luxurios head to toe care. Discover the benefits for yourself.

La Mer skin care- Discover the benefits

The therapeutic benefits of silt have been known to mankind for many centuries; silt baths have traditionally been used to relieve skin problems and irritations. Silt is said to have many healing properties, the most outstanding of which are relief from itchiness and the alleviation of inflammations.

La Mer skin care - A natural source of effective hydration

Sea silt is one of the purest natural products on earth. This valuable constituent of the seabed consists primarily of the debris of unicellular organisms and micro-organisms and it contains rich mineral salts, trace elements and vitamins.

La Mer skin care- A natural moisturizer

A complex process developed by LA MER is used to very carefully extract the vital essence of this pure silt and yield highly concentrated Sea Silt Extract. Sea Silt is a natural moisturizer and possesses many stimulating characteristics which promote the functions of the cells, improve the skin\'s elasticity and help regenerate the skin. This valuable active ingredient makes the LA MER range of skin care products exceptionally and uniquely effective.

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