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Bellefontaine Switzerland

For an appearance of youthful freshness and vitality.

Immerse yourself in the world of anti-ageing, pamper your skin with incomparable luxury from Switzerland.

All Bellefontaine products contain the purest, most natural and most valuable ingredients from the Alps.

The highest goal of this cosmetic is to delay or prevent the visible signs of skin aging. The cell division of the skin is stimulated, the structure is strengthened and smoothed. The natural beauty is preserved and brought to radiance.

Bellefontaine products have a firming, vitalising, rejuvenating, regenerating and moisturising effect. The specially designed EDELGEN® complex contained in the products consists of edelweiss blossom extract and is combined with exclusive active ingredients and highly developed molecules.

100 % Swiss production - Bellefontaine products are synergetic links between science and nature. The most valuable natural ingredients of the Swiss Alps, combined with glacier water, combined with state-of-the-art biotechnology.


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All Bellefontaine products contain the specially developed EDELGEN® complex - an anti-stress plant cocktail for the skin.

Bellefontaine EDELGEN® consists of edelweiss blossom extract combined with the benefits of six herbal anti-radical active ingredients. Refined with these exclusive active ingredients and advanced molecules, Bellefontaine products leave your skin feeling comfortable.

EDELGEN® a miracle cocktail in the fight against the signs of the times:

- reduces redness
- strengthens the skin barrier for optimal anti-aging protection
- maintains the natural moisture content of the skin
- has a balancing effect
- improves protection, even for the most sensitive skin
- protects against harmful environmental influences
- increases the supply of moisture to the upper layers of the skin
- strong solution against oxidative stress 
- light inflammations are fought against

Bellefontaine - Edelweiss HELVETIA

Edelweiss, also known as the star of snow, is a protected plant and grows only on the peaks of the Alps. In order to thrive in the harsh environment of the mountains, this plant has developed exceptional protective measures. It is immunized to withstand harmful ultraviolet rays, low atmospheric pressure, extreme temperatures and humidity. Highly concentrated flavonoids and tannins have antioxidant and calming properties on the DNA of the cell.

In Swiss high-tech laboratories, a unique way of growing edelweiss has been developed, known as HELVETIA.

Edelweiss-HELVETIA has a maximum active ingredient content and is a powerful antioxidant for the protection of DNA. Various key genes and proteins responsible for the protection of the epidermis are stimulated.


- free radicals are captured
- the firmness of the skin is improved
- the natural balance of the skin is restored

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Anti-Age Essential Treatments

Anti-Age Essential Treatments is an exclusive product line that restores vitality and firmness to the skin and remineralizes it. Over time, the skin loses firmness, fish and elasticity. The Anti-Age Essential Treatments specifically meet the needs of mature skin.

- the cell renewal is stimulated
- youthful appearance is restored
- tired, pale skin is invigorated
- the facial contour is strengthened

In addition to the edelweiss complex, this extraordinary exclusive care line also contains an anti-aging complex of butterfly lilac. This prevents premature skin ageing and stimulates the regeneration of the skin. The butterfly lilac has antioxidants and helps to reduce inflammation. Both properties are important in anti-aging skin care as the antioxidants are protective measures against harmful free radicals. The anti-inflammatory property contributes to the improvement and repair of the skin. In addition, the plant has the ability to protect the skin from light aging.


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